The University of Wyoming Cowboys were set to have the Clemson Tigers on their schedule for the 2021 college football season until all of a sudden, they didn't.

Clemson has instead replaced Wyoming on their schedule with the Georgia Bulldogs to open the 2021 season. The newly scheduled Clemson and Georgia game will be played at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC.

Several media outlets made the report on Tuesday regarding the replacement of Wyoming on Clemson's schedule with the Georgia Bulldogs. It's believed the change was made, not only to renew Clemson's long-standing rivalry with Georgia, but also because the opponents on the Tigers 2021 schedule were looking to some as being 'too easy'.

So it looks like Wyoming drew the proverbial short straw due to the fact that the game was set for the opening week of the season, which in-turn gave Clemson the opportunity to make the game a showcased matchup with another often top-ten ranked powerhouse with Georgia.

However, Wyoming AD Tom Burman seems to have a different take:

But several sources are saying it's a done deal with Clemson and Georgia.

So, if Wyoming is, in fact, the ousted team in this scenario, the question is, who replaces Clemson on UW's 2021 schedule?

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