Tuesday, August 14th, 2018, a sudden storm builds and within moments the streets of Cheyenne Wyoming are flowing like rivers. Thankfully the damage was light. The storm was mostly an annoyance.

The summer of 2018 has had a few surprise weather events, including some flash flooding and tornadoes.

Back in 1985 Cheyenne went through one the cities biggest flash flood and hail events ever.That prompted the city to begin work a drainage program aimed at handling the next, inevitable, flash flooding event.

Flash flooding is common in Wyoming. Storms can hit at any time, suddenly, without warning.



  • 1

    2013 Grey Rocks Wyoming Flash Flood

    This one mostly caught the tourist off guard.

  • 2

    2014 Sheridan Wyoming

    It was another nice day, no one saw it coming. Thankfully, once again, the damage was light.

  • 3

    Casper Wyoming Flash Flood

    A local thinks to set up their camera and provide a time lapse of a micro burst.

  • 4

    Rocks Springs 2015

    Lots of mud in this one.

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