Wyoming winds slow down to a gentle 25mph breeze. Temperatures skyrocket to 35F. Strange enough when it happens one day - but 5 days in a row? Wyomingites are confused. Like Punxsutawney Phil, residents stick their heads out of their front doors, wondering where winter has gone. Sun feels warm on the skin. They step outside and in shorts and t-shirts, soaking it in. Dare they stay out long? Risky. A blizzard could strike at any moment. But it feels so good...

Meanwhile, down in Florida, winds are gusting at 25mph and the temperatures have dropped to 35F. Panic ensues as residents struggle to find coats - or did they sell them at the last yard sale?  Does the heater in the car even work? Never tried it. Someone suggests going to the store to buy a space heater for the house. Do they sell them down here? Meanwhile, on the beach, Canadians in skimpy bathing suits hunt for seashells. Are they NUTS?

Fear not, my fellow Earthlings. Winter is just doing what she always does. Screwing with us, just to keep us guessing. When we least expect it, all will return to normal.

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