Democrats in Wyoming are predictably opposed to the tax overhaul passed by Republicans in the US Senate.

They released this statement today...

ROCK SPRINGS—The Wyoming Democratic Party released the following statement, from Chairman Joe M Barbuto, regarding the passage of the anti-Middle Class tax bill this weekend:

“The support that Mike Enzi and John Barrasso have thrown behind the GOP tax scam is the latest example of our U.S. Senators ignoring Wyoming Citizens in favor of out of touch Party bosses in DC. Working families will pay more in taxes, thousands now face life without access to healthcare, and $1.5 trillion has been added to the federal deficit.”

“And I’m going to take an educated guess and say that neither one of them is planning a public town hall to explain their actions to voters.”

“Wyoming needs a United States Senator who will put the needs of the people they represent ahead of Mitch McConnell and big-money backers. The Wyoming Democratic Party is going to do everything we can to make sure John Barrasso is not re-elected in 2018.”

The Wyoming Democratic Party will have competitive candidates in 2018, up and down the ballot. The Party is enjoying a revival of energy among Wyomingites who demand to have representatives who put the interests of We the People above deep-pocket corporations and shadowy Political Action Committees.

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