Have you ever asked yourself what it is really like to be a Democrat in Wyoming? There was a time when it was fairly popular, but these days...not so much.

According to Pete Gosar, Chairman of the Wyoming State Board of Education, two out of every three people, or maybe more, are Republicans. If a Democrat is running for office, that is something one needs to focus on.

Being a Democrat in Wyoming is lonely....very lonely. It's also hard to get money from donors. And it's hard to be competitive. Frankly, it's not easy being a Democrat in Wyoming.

But what is it really like to be the minority party in the Cowboy State? In other words, your ideologies, as a Democrat, are not as popular here as they might be in California.

Aimee Van Cleave, Executive Director of the Wyoming Democratic Party says that one of the biggest challenges of being a Democrat in Wyoming is making people believe that they (Democrats) have a chance and that their voices will be heard.

With some of the so-called Republicans that we have in Wyoming, what appears to be a false hope on the side of Ms. Van Cleave, may be true.

Even though moderates tend to work with Democrats, another disappointing challenge for their party is that these moderates are being targeted and replaced by voters, in the Republican Party, with true conservatives. This is a threat to both Democrats and moderate Republicans in Wyoming.

So if you are a Democrat, or know one, what do you think some of the biggest challenges of being in the minority party are? Tell us in the comments section below.


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