If you got it, you got it. In Wyoming, that apparently means money as we were just declared one of the richest states in the country for 2019.

This is impressive if you think about it. We're not even in 2019 yet, but already we're rolling in the dollars. Homesnacks has Wyoming in the top 10 for richest states for the upcoming year. How did they come up with this awesome news? Here's their methodology (in their own words):

  • Poverty level
  • Unemployment rate
  • Median income

The data came from the American Community Survey by the US Census. Sounds pretty official.

With all the numbers added and subtracted, Wyoming comes in at #9 as one of the richest states in America. Hurrah for us.

There's one other big thing that caught my eye. If you check out the top 10 list, you'll notice that Utah is the only other western state that made the top 10. That helps you understand even more how good we have it in Wyoming compared to our neighbors.

Now, can I borrow $10?

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