For a state the prides itself on its manly independent lifestyle, Wyoming can find itself in some weird hunting debates.

A few years ago the Wyoming Senate discussed banning the use of noise suppressors, often misunderstood as silencers. During the debate State Senator Ogden Driskill stood and suggested that if folks shooting rifles were not allowed to use noise suppressors then bow hunters should have to should BANG when they fired an arrow.

A bill filed for the upcoming Wyoming Legislative session would allow hunters to wear fluorescent pink vests or other safety garments rather than the currently mandated fluorescent orange. Supporters of the measure say they hope it would encourage more women to hunt in Wyoming.

The latest discussion involves crossbow hunting. Some hunters believe crossbows are too similar to rifles. Others say it's a way to get women and youth into hunting.

How embarrassing. What must Montana think of us? Do they consider us sad in South Dakota? Do out southern friends think us silly?

If we ban anything in Wyoming it should be the use of pink camouflage guns. No respecting Wyoming woman would be caught with one.

We are Wyoming. When it comes to hunting we have a reputation.  Enough with these silly debates. Let us instead debate issues like how best to bum tackle a buck or maybe the rules for wrestling a grizzly bear to the ground. Maybe then we can restore our reputation.

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