Republican In Name Only (RINO).

The number of Rinos in Wyoming government is said to be high. Many are elected with the letter "R" by their name but how many know what that letter really stands for?

Some elected officials believe they are conservative Republicans, but they don't vote as such. Some Wyoming Rinos are true posers, politicians who realized the only way to get elected is to pretend to be more conservative than they really are.

"This is the primary reason Know Your was created – to expose the liberal Wyoming Republicans who violate our Wyoming Republican values," says the WyoRINO website.

Besides watching voting records, the site also tracks bills as they move through the legislative session.

The site includes House & Senate votes from 2019, comparisons to Democrat voting records to see how often they vote with the opposition, and a special page for "Rino Of The Month."

There is even a handy disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER: Ride for the Brand, Wyoming is not affiliated with any other person, organization, political party or publication and does not speak for anyone but itself. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of Ride for the Brand, Wyoming only, and do not represent the view, opinion, official policy or position of any other person, organization, political party or publication whatsoever with which its members have been, are now, or will be affiliated with in the future. Assumptions made, analysis, and conclusions drawn are not the position of any other person or entity other than Ride for the Brand, Wyoming and are subject to revision from time to time.”

Legislator voting records can be verified on the state’s website at

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