Who's been marking up the inside of the Wyoming Capital dome? The very people who would tell you not to, that's who.

As renovations continue to the Wyoming State Capital building hidden treasures are being rediscovered. Decades of plastering over and layering have kept the building in somewhat presentable condition. But quick repairs often mean covering up something that might hold historic significance.

One area that was never covered over, and never will be, is the inside of the Wyoming Capital dome.

There is a way up there. As a member of the press I was given a tour, a few years back, all the way up tip top inside the dome.  The Wyoming highway patrolman guiding me explained the history of what I was looking at.

Written on the wood and metal support beams is the graffiti of governors, members of the house senate, other various elected officials, and even the workers who built the dome.

That's right, the gold hat on top of our capital was being tagged the moment it was finished by the governor and the workmen who constructed it. Writing something up there has become a write of passage, no pun intended, for a select few.

Nothing dirty is written. Sorry to disappoint. But if you know your Wyoming history you might know the story behind each scribble.

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