A candy website has compiled a list of the most sold and sought after Halloween candy from each state. Per usual, Wyoming was at the bottom of the list. But hey, we have that end of the alphabet WY problem, so we should be used to it.

If you need a drum roll click here.

Wyoming's favorite Halloween candy is Reeses Peanut butter Cup. In fact, Wyomingites bought an estimated 32,889 pounds of it.

Wyoming's second most liked candy is Salt Water Taffy. (This is disputed by our staff and management who made faces at the taffy revelation).

Wyoming's third most liked candy is Skittles, which is disputed by the M&M lovers of Wyoming.

So let's say that you, or your kids, end up with the usual mix of candies that you like, dislike, and the ones that you are indifferent about to the point that you will get around to eating them at some point.

What do you do?

Lay out all the candy and let the trading begin, that's what.

We have provided a video to help ensure better success and not end up with a bunch of junk that will only end up sitting in a bowl at the office in the hopes that visitors will eventually finish them off.

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