Bill Schaefer, Getty Images
Bill Schaefer, Getty Images

The Wyoming Department of Transportation and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department are trying to reduce the number of car-wildlife collisions in the state.

According to WYDOT, there have been 12,197 such crashes in Wyoming over the last five years. While 11,914 of those only resulted in property damage, there were 277 injury crashes resulting in 549 total injuries. There were another six fatal crashes over that period, resulting in 17 deaths.

WYDOT Director Bill Panos says one in 15 fatal crashes in Wyoming last year involved a collision with wildlife, a number he says is "unacceptable."

Meanwhile, WYDOT crews have removed over 23,000 animal carcasses from Wyoming highways and roads over the last five years.

WYDOT and Game and Fish held a summit in Pinedale on April 26-27 to consider ways to reduce the number of such crashes. Darryl Lutz of WGFD says that agency has been busy attaching radio collars to deer, elk, and antelope to find out where the animals are migrating and whether those routes cross state highways.

Officials hope to use speed limits, underpasses, and overpasses to reduce car-animal collisions in those areas.

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