Usually when a big guy with lots of muscles asks me if I'm that Wyoming talk show host Glenn Woods... I ask them not to hit me. This guy did not.

His name is Damond Clark. We struck up a conversation and I found out that he appeared on the History's Channel's program Forged In Fire. The episode originally aired on 05/12/21

For those who don't know the program, The History Channel looks for folks who are into the art of Blacksmithing and and puts them head to head in competition. They are given scrap metal of various kinds and told to make knives or swords. Contestants are eliminated until the two remaining blacksmiths are sent home to make something in their own home forges.

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I asked him how someone gets on the show. Damond told me that it was a long process to make sure that the person applying is legitimately good.

The program gives the impression that the first rounds all happen in one day. But no, it's months of recording.

This episode will be a little different. They are calling it The Casino Challenge and you can watch a preview here. When the promo begins you can see our home town hero on the left as they show the contestants.

I asked him how he did... but I knew he could not give too much away (he did let it slip that he felt he did well). While I'm not sure if our Wyomingite won or not, we do know that the winner walks away with $10,000.

But you can find out on the history channel at 7pm Mountain time.

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