For that Wyoming fisherman who has found himself thinking, "I'd be happy to die out here," you can now get part of that wish by ordering a fishing boat casket.

Maybe it is better to say, a fishing boat shaped like a casket.

Well - there is a company out there selling them. Some even come with an attractive little motor on the back, just for show of course.

I'd suggest pre-ordering it. There is no guarantee that the family will do this for you, even if you make them promise or put your request in your will.

It is no matter if the family - or wife - likes it or not; it is after all, your funeral. 

You can at least be sure that they will understand your choice of a fishing boat coffin. They will acknowledge that it suits you.

Make sure they place your favorite rod and reel in there with you. Don't let them bury you in a suit and tie - waist high rubber waders, your fishing shirt, and hat are the way to go.

Oh, and make sure the guy prepping your body for the funeral puts a smile on your face, since you are right were you want to be.

I wonder if they can push you out into the lake after the services and set the boat on fire?

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