I hate navigating parking lots. Seriously, half the time, they're completely full; the other half of the time, you can't tell where any of the lines are because the lot is so poorly maintained. And sometimes, you have to deal with potholes.

Is there anything worse than hitting a pothole? You know how it goes - you say a few uhm..."adult" words...you pray your car is okay, and keep driving. Unfortunately, potholes are common in Cheyenne - it's almost like they appear as if by magic overnight. It's even worse when parking lots have potholes because you're usually navigating around other drivers, people, and the occasional shopping cart.

But some parking lots are waaay worse than others.

And I swear, the parking lot at Frontier Mall is the worst in the city.

Jaclyn B. via Yelp
Jaclyn B. via Yelp

I've spent the better part of my younger years walking the mall, hanging out at the movie theater (may it rest in peace,) and munching on the delicious pretzels made there. So, I remember when the mall's parking lot used to be one of the nicest in town. Back in the day, the curbs weren't crumbling, the parking lines were clearly drawn, and there weren't any potholes in the asphalt.

Those days are long gone for the parking lot at Frontier Mall. The parking spots are nearly invisible, the curbs are falling to pieces, and the decorative trees and boulevards look completely forgotten. What's more, driving through the parking lot can feel more like a game of Mario Kart - Obstacles include the people don't follow the arrows pointing which way to drive, the potholes, and the occasional flying piece of trash (usually a pretzel cup or wrapper from Five Guys.)

What do you think? Is the mall the worst parking lot in the city? Or is there another parking lot that gives you a major migraine? Let us know in the app!

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