They are among the biggest trucks on the planet. Some have tires so large a grown man could not reach the top if he got a running, jumping start.

So what does it look like when one of these big bad boys gets into a wreck? The following videos offer a few examples.

  • 1

    Super Death In Trucks

    The name of this video alone should make you sit up at the edge of your seat.

  • 2

    Big Truck VS Little Pickup

    A tiny pickup truck does not even slow this monster down.

  • 3

    Over The High Wall

    Open pit mines are deep and steep. So what does it look like when a big haul truck goes over the edge.

  • 4

    Dumper Accidents

    This video offers pictures and videos of real nail biters. It is amazing that the drivers lived to tell about it.

  • 5

    Recovers Like A Boss

    Despite what you have seen these drivers are the best. Watch this driver recover his truck before it is too late.

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