In this video, above, a man on a road trip cross county stops to tour the old prison in Rawlins Wyoming. He brings his cat with him on the tour of the prison. As you might guess, the cat is curious.

There are many interesting things about the old prison in Wyoming, including how the cells worked, which were very small and state of the art at the time, solitary confinement, and the different ways that Wyoming executed prisoners over the years.

To be clear, prisoners had been executed by gas around the world, and in the United States, before Wyoming. But they had used existing rooms that were transformed into gas chambers. Wyoming was the first to have a special metal chamber built, delivered, and installed for that purpose.  

The delightful tour guides know how to tell a gruesome story, but they also have a sense of humor and will even strap visitors into the execution seat and close the door, if their guests request it.

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