This is a special moment. A doorbell camera captured video of a woman who stopped her car in the middle of the road to fix a fallen American flag.

Even though I sometimes like to give our neighbors in Nebraska a hard time, this shows that Cornhuskers have not lost their patriotism. Here's how the homeowner described what happened.

Our flag pole had broken sometime during the night. I hadn’t seen it when I left the house. I was working out with a Marine friend when I got an alert on my phone from our Ring doorbell camera. Someone driving by had seen the pole down and the flag on the ground. They stopped, walked up, and picked up the flag and pole. All while my Marine friend and I watched. Giving us goosebumps.

Yes, Nebraska folk can be kinda unusual sometimes (and I do mean this in a nice way), you have to admire a gesture like this. To be so concerned about an American flag on the ground that you stop your car to fix it is an attitude we need more in this country right now in my opinion.

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