Just a few week ago a blizzard, pardon me, a Cyclone Bomb named Grayson, slammed the Eastcoast of the United States. This weather event left a lot of people out west wondering, what the heck is a Cyclone Bomb?

To be fair, it was called a "Cyclone" because the system was spinning. It was called a weather bomb because that is what meteorologist call a system of rain or snow that quickly builds and then dumps its moister all at once. That is how we get Cyclone Bomb or Bomb Cyclone, depending on who you are listing to.

But give these terms to the media and watch them use it to try and boost their ratings with over the top hysterical reporting.

That leaves Wyoming with a bit of a problem. We just can't allow it to appear as if the East coast has worse winters than we do out West.

That is why I have decided to name this weekend's weather system "a Vortex Implosion," and I've named it Derk.

I know it will be hard for us the pretend to panic like our neighbors out East, but we cannot be outdone.

Enjoy this video weather forecast, send it to all your East coast friends.

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