Last week it was announced that Bed Bath and Beyond will be closing 40 stores nationwide but also open 15 new stores, according to KGWN.

Currently, Bed Bath and Beyond have two stores operating in Wyoming, one in Casper and one in Cheyenne. 40 stores have been announced to close, which ones nobody knows and there could be more. Bed Bath and Beyond's Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Roby D'Elia said that if other stores can't reach a new lease agreement more than 40 stores will close. The store also has in production 21 new lab stores.

The lab stores will focus more on home decor, food/beverage, health and beauty care.  They are also working on more visual merchandise to make your shopping experience better.

What does this mean for the Wyoming stores, no one knows. But we will keep you updated as to whether Bed Bath and Beyond is leaving or not.  Would you even notice if Bed Bath and Beyond left?

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