Would you like to own a town? Aladdin Wyoming, population 15, is for sale. They plan to hold an auction.

Aladdin is a cute little 30-acre community that rests quietly in eastern Crook County, Wyoming. It is a beautiful drive up Wyoming Highway 24 and 111 and is just northeast of Sundance. The elevation is 3,688 feet.

Mostly the town is an old general store, packed with antiques and curiosity items. There is a little deli restaurant and a grand front porch where tourists like to sit and eat ice cream. The store is mostly seasonal, with trailers passing by to see Devil's Tower or motorcycles enjoying the annual Sturgis migration.

You might remember Buford Wyoming, population 1, went up for sale a few years ago. Buford sold for $900,000 and was renamed PhinDeli Town by its new owner to promote a brand of Vietnamese coffee sold there. Aladdin has 15 times that population, so it will surely be more expensive. The asking price is $1.5 million, but this is an auction so anything can happen.

The current owners say that they purchased the place because all of their kids had left home and they needed something to do. But now they are old and are too tired to do anything.

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