They stopped at a road closure gate just east of Cheyenne. They asked directions around the blockade. Their car stunk of marijuana. The more the police asked questions the dumber the answers got. Something was covered up in the back seat. Troopers searched the vehicle and found 108 packages of marijuana with an estimated street value of $285,000.

This is just one of many who have been stopped by police on Interstate 80 in Wyoming for being just plane stupid and were busted when the police found a vehicle full of drugs.

Some were speeding. Some are speeding with no licence plates. Some are speeding with no licence plate or drivers licence. Some are speeding with no licence plates, no licence, no insurance, no lights and a laundry list of outstanding warrants while hauling a vehicle full of drugs across country.

So what is with all this stupid. I have a theory.

For those who did not see the movie 'Smokey And The Bandit,' first off, you are un-American. Second, the plot of that movie might just be what is happening here.

In the movie there was a semi truck full of illegal beer on its way cross county. The Bandit's job was the keep the police distracted while the truck slipped past them.

That is, essentially, what I think is happening here. The drug cartels will go out and hire the dumbest, most incompetent nincompoops they can find and send them out down the interstates. They get pulled over for a list of stupid and while the police are dealing with them the trucks full of drugs slip by.


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