There is a reason so many stargazers come to Wyoming to enjoy the night sky. Many of them are sent by websites that point them to the darkest skies in North America. Many of the darkest night sky patches are in Wyoming.

If a person lives in an area that has lots of street lights, plus homes and apartments, star gazing can be a difficult hobby. This might be taken for granted by some who live in Wyoming, since so many state residents live far from what is referred to as "light pollution." 

No matter if someone owns a telescope, enjoys night photography, or just loves to lay back and stare at the stars, there are just a few places left on the planet where folks can go to get away from artificial light.

The website Dark Sky Finder might just be one of the best sties on the internet. Just like Google Earth you can use this website to zoom into the darkest locations on the planet or to see how much light pollution might be where you live.

The site displays light pollution with color graphs to shows worst areas and those areas that are affected by distant light pollution. There is even an effect called a "light dome," which refers to light from a distant town reflecting in the atmosphere off in the distance.

If you are looking for the darkest of the dark night skies, Wyoming has some of the darkest. The only problem might be is that in order to get to the darkest of Wyoming's dark night skies you'll have to drive out into the middle of the most desolate areas in the state. That might be a problem if you are afraid of the dark.


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