Gubernatorial candidates have complained about Wyoming state transparency. State legislators as well. Out of state news reports have given Wyoming an "F" for transparency. So why does the state have this problem?

Most of the complains revolve around how the state and local governments in Wyoming spend on their credit cards. Perhaps the problem is that it is just too embarrassing to allow the public to see.

Amy Edmonds thinks she might have an idea as to why it is so hard to open the books and look deeply into how Wyoming governments spend the taxpayers money. She joined me on the 650AM KGAB morning show to tell us what the thinks is going on.

If you missed the interview, it is in the video, above.

Amy Edmonds spend 6 years as a representative in the Wyoming State House. She is also known for her work with Wyoming Liberty Group and as the press secretary for Liz Cheney. Amy just finished working as the press secretary for the Sam Galeteos campaign for governor. Recently, she was asked by the Wyoming Tribune Eagle to write a monthly opinion column.

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