TIN HAT ALERT! Though I have to say this is one of the most interesting conspiracy theories I've heard in years.

Word is in fromLusk Wyoming. Also Wheatland.

Apparently Wyoming has Russians working in it for some clandestine reasons.

You can hear the details in the video, above.

A listener sent me this video he found on YouTube, it's part of a conspiracy theorist podcast called The Common Sense Show.

Trucks with logos like these and "shady characters" behind the wheel are up to something.

This truck is supposed to be over a million dollars and filled with communication equipment that can reach a signal all the way back to Russia.

This is supposed to go hand in hand with the reports 3 years ago, of Russian troops being spotted around Rollins and Casper.

If I'm hearing this right, the Russians are planning to build a road along an ice bridge down through Alaska across and over to Montana, and down through Wyoming and on south.

Not sure what the plans are with that.

Apparently this is breaking news, or something.

I just want to know if the Russians will get here before the aliens return to Devil's tower, or before man made climate change takes us all out.

--- Glenn Woods


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