Some folks are just proud of their state. That is one reason to load up on hats, t-shirts and bumper stickers.

For others they just enjoy the inside joke that comes with their states SWAG.

Here is a short list of must have 'Proud To Be Wyoming' items.

'It's A 307 thing.' I had to explain that one to my sister when she came up from Florida to see the state. Since the entire state of Wyoming has one area code it seem obvious to make a long list of SWAG from that saying. Also anything that just has 307 on it. If you are from Wyoming, you get it.

Surf Wyoming. Wait a minuet. How can anyone surf anything in Wyoming? That is the point of this online store. Irony. You'll love heir sense of humor.

Go Slo Wyo has more then just hats and shirts. If you like unique Wyoming jewelry, including chains and recklessness then you will love shopping here.

Made In Wyoming has a long list of items made, mostly by hand, in Wyoming and features what is unique about our state. That includes food and drink items.

These are just a few items to get your Wyo Swag on. These also make great gifts. Should you send something like this to anyone who does not get the irony or the inside joke just tell them, 'It's a 307 thing. You wouldn't understand.'

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