Some people love their state and some people flat out hate it. And some states just hate other states for whatever reason. That goes for every state in the U.S. But what states do both residents and state rivals hate the most? It couldn't be Wyoming, could it?

Spoiler alert, it's not Wyoming. The publication, BestLife, recently used an intriguing algorithm to find out which state in the U.S. that both residents and rivals of that state hate the most. The research was based on the population that has recently moved out of state, the amount of state pride for one's home state, and which states get the most hate on social media, which all resulted in some weird sort of 'Hatred Index'.

Based on that, the most hated state in the U.S. is New Jersey. I can't say that I've ever been there, but based on what I've seen from T.V. shows such as 'Jersey Shore', I totally get why that would show up at #1 on the list.

Wyoming came in ranking as the 41st most hated state in the U.S., which is I suppose is pretty good. Would that mean that conversely, we would be the 10th most liked state in the U.S.? If so, we're doing pretty well for ourselves. And on top of all that, according to the research, no other states hate us. That's very sweet of everyone else. We also had a 69 percent state pride rating, according to the research, which seems pretty sold as well.

Montana, South Dakota, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Utah, and Idaho were the only states that were hated lesser than Wyoming. As for the most hated states after New Jersey, there was Texas, California, Oklahoma, and Florida ranking in the top five. Aside from Oklahoma, I can also understand why four of those top five are where they are on the list.

It seems that we're not really hated or maybe even relatively likable in Wyoming, so take what you will from that.

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