Does anyone in Wyoming have a clean car? There are some. But most Wyomingites have dust, dirt, mud that is both wet and dry, grass, hay, and lord knows what else, both on and in our vehicles.

For those of us who like that clean and shinny look, when exactly is a good time to detail that ride in Wyoming?

First of the year? No, that's winter. Mud, muck and whatever WYDOT is laying down on the road for snow and ice. Forget it. Don't bother trying.

Spring? Are you kidding? Spring is like winter but with more rain.

Summer? Not with all that dry dust blowing around. Don't waste your time or money.

Fall? Nope. Fall is like spring all over again.

The only time I would suggest we all wash our vehicles is during the summer dry season just to make it rain a little. That's it. The rest of the time, is not worth your time.

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