We’re most certainly living in some strange times and you may even say, some stressful times. But this isn't really singling out any particular place, whether it's any state in the country, or anywhere else in the world, things are a little stressful everywhere. But just how stressful are things for us in Wyoming compared to other states across the country?

Last fall, a survey noted that Wyoming was the 7th least stressed state in the U.S. Of course, that really took some things into account from a certain vantage point that may not be looked at from another's perspective. That particular study based Wyoming's stress level on things like the fact that the Cowboy State is a relatively attractive spot for a relaxing vacation and how it's also become a top spot to come for retirement.

However, if we're not talking about traveling, vacations, and things of that nature, then we're weighing in factors such as current affairs. All things from the pandemic, shortages, gas prices, escalating conflicts overseas, and more are taken into consideration there. They can go so far as to cause more stressful work weeks, cause money issues, and even a loss of sleep.

Our friends at WalletHub recently researched how stressed Wyoming is based on those aforementioned factors. In this particular study, Wyoming did not rank quite as well. It seems that the Cowboy State is the 26th most stressed state overall. When it came to 'work-related stress' and 'health & safety related stress', we finished at the 11th and 15th most stressed states in that category. That's not something to be proud of. At least for 'money-related stress', we were ranked 42nd, or 9th least stressed for that particular issue.

The least stressed state was our western neighbors in Utah. They were followed by Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire. The most stressed states were topped by Louisiana, then Nevada, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Mississippi, so at least we're not them.

So 26th overall, which is right near the middle. We have a medium level of stress compared to other states. Nothing that we can't handle. After all, when it comes to being an attractive vacation spot, we’re already known for being one of the least stressed states in that capacity.

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