Are you visiting for the first time? Well then "Welcome To Wyoming." You'll hear that a lot.

Another thing you'll hear a lot will come from your own mouth. It's a question. "Just what the heck do people do way out here?" Don't worry, we get that a lot. It happens mostly when people pass through a town with a population less than 100 people. We have a lot of those.

If your question was about work, the answers are, ranching, coal, gas, oil, working at a power plant, repairing all the equipment for the aforementioned jobs.

If your questions was more about what we do for fun then here is a short list.

1). Fishing. Fishing is what we do when we are not hunting.

2). Hunting. Hunting is what we do when we are not fishing.

3). Target practice. That is what we do when we are getting ready to hunt.

4). Cleaning what we killed.

5). Cooking what we killed.

6). Eating what we killed.

7). Making fun of tourist who don't hunt or fish.

And that is how the people of Wyoming have fun.

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