The Wyoming legislative body is now meeting to figure out what to do about our states massive shortfall.

As we all know the mineral revenue that we have all been enjoying for many decades is not coming in like it used to. Add to that the American economy being all but ground to a halt to fight Covid-19 and the state has some real problems.

If there was ever a time to educate yourself and contact your state legislators, it's now.

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Here are the hard realities that no one wants to face: 1). Many government programs will either have to be reduced greatly, or shut down completely. 2). Some taxes will have to be raised.

I know no one wants to have any taxes raised, I'm with you on that, but I also understand that if we want to keep our roads and schools open we will have to pay a little more out of our own pockets. That sucks, that is the truth.

So here is what I am proposing: This is a link to the Wyoming state budget. There is a lot to go through. But it is important that you, as a citizen, take at least a little time to have a look.

Once you have a general idea of what is in our state budget think about what you would realistically cut. What programs end, and what programs might survive.

Here comes the hard part; after all those cuts there will still be a shortfall. Some taxes will have to be raised. What is your plan?

I post this because while I do hear a lot of ideas from the average citizen, most of them have never actually looked at the budget, so they have no idea what needs to be done. Here is a chance to educate yourself. Then call your state representatives with your ideas. Hurry, they are meeting now.

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