When you were a kid, what was your first carnival dessert? Ice cream, churros, or funnel cake perhaps?

I brought my family to the Championship Bull Riding final event at Cheyenne Frontier Days on Tuesday night. My girls got to experience two firsts in their lives that night: 1) bull riders, and 2) funnel cakes.

I usually avoid all of the carnival foods and go to a fast food place before as a treat. That way I can just drink while I'm there---because the cost of concession items is a bit out of our budget...especially when you are purchasing for four people, as I'm sure many of our listeners can relate with me.

I decided that since it was Frontier Days, and they were very well behaved during the rodeo, AND they had never had a funnel cake....it was time to make a memory they will remember for awhile.

I searched around and found a funnel cake vendor. My girls both asked, "Daddy, what's a funnel cake?"

I totally forgot that they have never had one before.

I said, "You've never had one? They are the best!" So we decided on a strawberry-covered one.

The bonus is that it also had vanilla ice cream AND whipped cream on it. A first for me, too!

It was truly one of the best I've had in years...of course it was a long time since I have enjoyed one. My youngest daughter exclaimed, "You were right Daddy! Funnel cake is the best!"

What was your first carnival food when you were young? Do you still remember the experience of eating it for the first time?