Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not a certified nutritionist. I am a certified group fitness instructor and, while the parameters of my certification include a fair amount of nutrition and health education, I cannot legally tell you if something is good or bad for you. But I do love to give advice.

Recently, Glenn had author and personality Dr. Ian K. Smith on the show for a few minutes to speak about health and fitness during the coronavirus. Obviously, people's lives have changed significantly, whether it be more or less free time, gyms closed and public spaces under scrutiny, and mental states for better or (often) worse.

Dr. Smith has just released his newest book on healthy lifestyle changes, "Mind Over Weight", which I skimmed through before speaking with him, and while some of his dogmas are a little too strict for me (I do not believe anyone should be pressured or guilted into making healthy decisions; it's not fair or natural that way. Not to mention, putting "weight" as the primary example of how a person is "healthy" can have extremely negative effects..), Dr. Smith does have many ideas that are fairly universal and easy to work with. Most notably, he acknowledges ways to adapt your fitness goals during times of self-isolation and quarantine, and even includes little worksheets to keep yourself on track.

Further into the conversation, Glenn and I got some time to discuss healthy living among ourselves, where I spoke from my fitness certification background, and Glenn shared some of his personal habits and beliefs. Again, I do not encourage pressuring listeners, friends, family, or even strangers to change their lifestyles out of guilt or external pressure. We all are experiencing the pandemic in very different ways right now. I personally am far busier than before, and between less free time and gyms being closed, I'm finding it very hard to be active, and definitely not to the degree I was. But if I dwell on that, I'll drive myself completely crazy, and it's already a fine line. Instead, I do what I can, and I acknowledge whether or not I'm feeling good with myself. That is so much more important.

Plus, healthy looks different on everyone.

All the above being said, if you are on a mission to remake yourself during quarantine, here are a couple of my favourite online fitness options:

Yoga With Adriene (I've been "attending" her videos for about 6 years now), PopSugar Fitness (all levels and all forms of exercise), and Fitness Blender (a little more intense, but very good routines). I'm barely scratching the surface here, but these are definitely the few that I always return to.

Just take care of yourself, whatever that looks like, and maybe don't forget to go for a nice walk now and then.

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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