It must be the richest soil in Wyoming. 

After each Frontier Days performance, as the audience was leaving, a tractor and plow like the one pictured above would take to the field and straighten up the soil, the divots, and plow under the dung that was left behind by the horses, calves, bulls, and lets not forget the cowboys who had messed themselves after a dreadfully frightening ride.

So that is 10 days and 10 times the dirt in the arena was turned over and the fresh dung plowed under.

There were even a few good rains to mush it all around. That helps.

That means that the soil in the Frontier Arena has got to be the best in all of Wyoming, if not this region of the country. Right? Just guessing here.

Well, we can't just let it sit there. Anyone for a community garden? What if we scrape it off, bag it and sell it as fertilizer? Just because Frontier Days is over does not mean we should be done making money on the event.

I can see the name on the bag now: Frontier Days Fertilizer. 

What about Front Range Fertilizer, dumped at The Daddy Of Them All.

Do you have a better suggestion? Let us know.



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