There are tons of memes that cover how some people react to the calendar flipping from September 30th to October 1st. It'll usually show a "normal" looking person, then, the next day, they're full-on Elvira or some other spooky character.

I enjoy that meme. But October is also my favorite month of the year. I love watching spooky movies, eating candy, enjoying fall treats like cider, and getting to wear fall clothes.

So, like the Elvira memes, I was ready for the calendar to flip to October 1st on Saturday. So much so that I've gone to the trouble of finding all the fun events that are happening in Cheyenne this month. Cheyenne does not disappoint, either. We have events happening every single week and something fun to do each weekend.

Trunk or treats will be plentiful as we get closer to the end of the month, but ghost stories will be told, lectures will be held, investigations of the paranormal will be investigated, and the leaves will...fall.

It is also a good time to point out all the organizations and people in our community that is working hard to put on fun events for us as we make it into spooky season. Of course, the Cheyenne DDA(Downtown District Authority) puts on a lot of fun events, the Facebook group Cheyenne Connections is throwing a trunk or treat, and the Knights Of Pythias celebrates all month long.

Grab your vampire teeth and a cup of cider; let's take a look at all these events happening in Cheyenne this month. There are 20 spooky and not-spooky events in the month of October.

Cheyenne October Events

Everything thing from trunk or treats to ghost stories.

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