I'm sure the contents of the time capsule are just fine. But did we forget anything?

The official date and time making the 150th anniversary of Cheyenne, as a city, was Tuesday, Aug. 8 2017. At that date and time, the city of Cheyenne dedicated a time capsule to be opened on the 200th anniversary.

The time capsule will not be buried. It will be on display at city hall, and you can look at its contents anytime you wish.

I'll ask again- Did we forget anything?

With the public's help, we compiled a list of things that did not make it into the box but should have. I promised that I would hand this list to the mayor at the dedication ceremony. And this list was delivered, as promised. Mayor Orr laughed as I read it to her. Then she took the list and promised to place it in the time capsule.

I'm betting she "forgot" to place it in the box.

Here is the list that I presented to Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr.

Items we need to add to the 50-year Cheyenne Time Capsule, to be opened in 2067 include:

307 baseball cap.
T-shirt reading I survived the eclipse of 2017.

Pot with a hole in it and a chunk of a car's suspension ripped by a pot hole.

Model airplane for the jet service we could not get.

Air sample of pot smoke from Colorado.

A Twinkie - says Don Day of Day Weather. I have no idea why.

Recording of today's radio show with the caller's suggestions.

Blue prints for rec center we were never able to build in our time. Maybe they can build it in 50 years.

Jacalope poop.

Past due bill for time capsule.

Finally, This List.

What do you think we should have put in the time capsule but maybe forgot. Add it below and I'll read it on the air and send it to Mayor Orr.


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