We all have our own preferences when it comes to our pet peeves. Personally, I think I find way too many things annoying to have just one pet peeve. But apparently Wyoming does have one in particular and it's definitely and almost shockingly, we're the only state that chose it as our pet peeve.

Our friends at Zippia recently sorted through Google trends to find what the top pet peeve is in every state. In Wyoming, we were in a league of our own for this one, but all the same, I think a large percentage of the state would certainly agree upon what was chosen. The top pet peeve in Wyoming is 'Passive-Aggressive Behavior'. We can pretty much all agree that passive-aggressiveness is super annoying.

As for the most popular pet peeve in the country, that would go to 'Slow Internet'. There were 15 states that chose that as their top pet peeve, including our neighbors to the the south in Colorado. 'Burping' came in second as it was the top pet peeve in 11 states. Next on the list was 'Someone Else's Kids Won't Behave', which is the case in seven states. 'Bragging', 'Littering', and 'Public Displays of Affection' followed those. Each of which are pretty horrible in case you're someone who does these things.

However, above all of those horrible things, Wyoming chose the pet peeve of 'Passive-Aggressive Behavior', according to Google trends anyway. It's certainly tough to disagree with that one. Of course, now that you know what the biggest pet peeves are, then it's a good opportunity to check yourself in case you're someone who has been doing any of the aforementioned pet peeves. Be good to each other out there and make good decisions, Wyoming!

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