Attention Gamers,...and people who get bored on their phone! Wyoming has such a thing as the 'most popular mobile game'. Forget social media and all its selfies and Internet warriors arguing on Facebook and Twitter, the real reason everyone is on their phones in Wyoming is all due to this popular mobile game.

Honestly, I've never played a mobile game on my phone. I've never even played a round or level of 'Angry Birds'! It's so bad that I don't even know if they're called 'rounds' or 'levels' or something else really weird. Regardless, the point is that I wouldn't even know that a 'most popular mobile game in Wyoming' even existed until I came across some research done by a gaming site known as 'Bits and Pieces'.

Using Google trends, they were able to find out what the most popular mobile game i in each state. One not-so-surprising result was that the popular game, Angry Birds, was selected as the most popular game in seven states, which was the most for any game. Our neighbors to the south in Colorado happened to be one of those states. Go figure.

Before we get to what Wyoming's favorite mobile game, something needs to be addressed. There is a mobile game known as 'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood'. How is that a game? What is the plot of that? Do you try to guess the amount of seasons her reality show is going to end with or something? How would you win? At this point, I don't even want to know. Let's just get to Wyoming's favorite mobile game...

It turns out that Wyoming's favorite mobile game is 'Roblox Mobile'. I had never heard of that. I had to look up what it is and I'm still a little baffled as to what it is. But according to the Google Play website, it's a game where you can create your own little universe around yourself, be anything you want, all while playing with your friends....That sounds like the most vague description ever. However, it seems to have some pretty decent reviews. Here's an example:

It's a great game, with thousands of cool games with all different genres and super entertaining. However, mobile users such as myself have reported a LOT of glitches and lag. For me, I can be playing a game and then all of a sudden my screen freezes and my screen turns black and says one of two things, one of them being "Roblox is not responding". It would be great if I knew whether if was Roblox's issue or mine. But again, the game is awesome!

-Charles Monroe

I still have no idea how to play. Just take our word for it. The most popular mobile game in Wyoming is Roblox Mobile.

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