Lets take some really popular moves and set them in Wyoming. They would not play out the same, and their endings would be very different.

Here are a few examples we came up with to give you an idea of what we mean. What other examples can you think of?


  • 1

    Jurassic World Wyoming

    OKAY actually, this trailer parody makes no sense. But I think we can imagine Wyoming hunters lining up for dinosaur tags.

  • 2

    Daylight Saving Time In Wyoming

    What if a movie was made about how people from Wyoming handle Day Light Saving Time?

  • 3

    Hunger Games Wyoming

    Nothing would be the same about that movie if it happened in Wyoming

  • 4

    Wyoming Horror Movie

    These movies would be a little different if Wyoming was the home state.

  • 5

    Blazing Saddles

    WAIT, this did take place in Wyoming. Never mind.

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