Some happen at night. Some happen in broad daylight. Those weird Wyoming noises that we just can't identify. They probably all have perfectly reasonable explanations. But until we know what those explanations are we just have to file the following noises under, 'creepy.'


  • 1

    Strange noises in sky, Laramie, WY

    It sounded like siren. It was outside at about 1:30 a.m. Maybe not paranormal but no one know what was causing it.

  • 2

    Strange Noises in Cheyenne

    Whatever it was it caused a mom to order his kids inside.

  • 3

    Strange noise over Evansville

    Most of the description is in the video. One thing worth pointing out is how quiet everything was once the noise was gone. The refinery is a little less than a mile from this house. Was it from there?

  • 4

    Weird Low Hum Sounds in Mountain

    You'll have to turn this way up to hear the low rumble.

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