The Weld County Sheriff's Office says it will not cooperate with non-law enforcement groups that work to target child predators via YouTube.

In a Facebook post, the sheriff's office says it has several problems with such groups:

-Many of the suspects live outside of Weld County; they are being invited into our community by these YouTube groups.
- Some of the suspects are being invited into Weld County neighborhoods, and some of these YouTube videos have captured escalated actions such as foot and vehicle chases that do not involve law enforcement.
- The investigative tactics used by these groups do not follow sound constitutional guidelines for proper prosecution in criminal court. YouTube groups often use tactics that create barriers that prevent cases being investigated further or prosecuted; thus giving the suspects a free pass on the suspected crime.
The post goes on to encourage people with information on crimes against children or any other criminal activity to call them at 970 356-4015.

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