Hard Wyoming wind, like we have been having the past few days, can cause some weird things to happen. Here are a few video examples of weird things that have happened during the windiest days.


  • 1

    It Picked Up What?

    Wyoming is included in this montage of videos featuring extreme wind.

  • 2

    Truck Almost Crushes WHP Car

    Lets not forget this famous and viral video of a truck almost tipping over on to a Wyoming Highway Patrol vehicle.

  • 3

    Hay Bails Rolling

    Forget those rolling tumbleweeds. What about when it's windy enough to blow those massive hay bails?

  • 4

    Here Is Why

    Why does Wyoming have such high winds? Lets have an expert explain.

  • 5

    Song About Wyoming Wind

    Why not close this with a song.

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