7:37AM MDT: Larry Pratt-Executive Director of Gun Owners of America-----ERIC HOLDER: "BRAINWASH" THEM: Shocking Video shows Attorney General in 1995 Advocating for an Ad Campaign to deter Gun Ownership ...In one heck of an analogy, then U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C. – Eric Holder – likened guns to cigarettes, saying that perceptions about guns needed to become more stigmatized. He said this during a speech in 1995 and suggested an aggressive advertising campaign to convince the public that this was true. At one point, he literally said that he wanted the advertising to be so pervasive that it would “brainwash” people.
To Larry Pratt, executive director of the Gun Owners of America (GOA), such advocacy on the part of Holder flies in the face of his Constitutional oath. “As part of the oath he took to defend the U.S. Constitution,” Pratt says, “Holder swore he would defend the second amendment. Advocating that people be brainwashed into foregoing their second amendment rights when you're a U.S. Attorney is an affront to those rights.” Larry will talk about it MZ Host Dave Chaffin.
8:00AM MDT:  Joan Evans- Director of Wyoming Workforce Services is back with her monthly update on labor and workforce issues in the state.

9:00 AM MDT : Lisa Belkov-Snyder, National Sports Commentator & Radio Show Host will be Dave's guest...In a press conference with John Elway, Lisa Belkov-Snyder asked the Hall of Fame QB a simple question that rocked the organization and the city of Denver. "What if, Heaven forbid; Peyton Manning gets injured again, what is your plan B"? Elway's response was "We don't have a Plan B". So now Denver traded their best Plan B, Tim Tebow, to the New York Jets and they are banking on the possibility that Peyton Manning will be 100% and not get hurt. They decided against paying for the insurance policy, a backup QB who they know can get the job done.