Host Dave Chaffin is not feeling well today, so Rich Moore is filling in and has a great line-up of interesting guests he'll be talking with.

7:07AM MDT Law enforcement Columnist, Jim Kouri will be talking about his latest op-ed piece DNC speech: Americans love for Bill Clinton a mystery..(See the entire column here under commentary)

7:37AM MDT: Gun Owners of America Executive Director, Larry Pratt is back updating us on the latest Fast and Furious Hearing with the Attorney General Holder.

8:07AM MDT: Regina Meena Policy and Legislative Affairs Wyoming Liberty Group policy expert,  will speak about where Wyoming’s health care reform efforts currently stand (proposed legislation for 2013, 2012 Ballot Initiative, my 5 Step plan and it’s coordination with national efforts) and speak specifically  to what Wyoming citizens will see if ObamaCare (there were significant changes from the SCOTUS ruling)  is implemented (poor results of Massachusetts’s program, ACOs, Medicaid Expansion in other states, zero cost reductions for both health care and health insurance, plus making our care delivery system even worse).

9:07: Lisa Murphy and the gang from Laramie County Community College will be on to update us on the latest from the college academic, cultural, and sports activities..