A spokeswoman for the Wyoming Department of Health [WDH] said Wednesday morning that the agency followed established procedure in announcing coronavirus cases on Tuesday, including two Laramie County cases.

Kim Deti says in the first Laramie County case, her agency did contact local health officials before a new release went out late Tuesday afternoon.

In the second case, Deti says the diagnosis was made by a private business (Stitches Acute Care) and was posted by them on social media. A release that included the second Laramie County case went out to media on Tuesday night.

Deti said Stitches Acute Care had the testing done in a private laboratory, and did notify the WDH of the result, as they are supposed to.

She said her agency had nothing to do with that social media announcement.

On Tuesday, Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr posted criticism of the WDH on Facebook for releasing news that two Laramie County coronavirus cases had been diagnosed. Orr said local officials should have been notified prior to that announcement.

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