A contractor for the City of Cheyenne is expected to continue drilling for water and soil samples through this week.

Bob Bradshaw, Cheyenne Special Projects Director, says the drilling is part of the West Edge Brownfields Remediation Program. He says the purpose of the drilling is to discover any soil or water contamination and what steps, if any, need to be taken to remedy the situation.

Bradshaw says the drilling is being conducted on both public and private property in downtown Cheyenne as well as outside the downtown area. He says funding for the project comes from the $4.8 million the voters approved in August 2012 on the Specific Purpose Tax Ballot for the Capitol Basin Project.

Additional funding is coming through a federal Environmental Protection Agency grant. The goal of the West Edge Project is to mitigate stormwater, manage Brownfields, create civic amenities and revitalize the Capitol Basin area, according to Bradshaw.