UPDATE 8:40 A.M.: BOPU spokeswoman Erin Lamb says what is being called a "large water main leak" in the Cahill Park area has been repaired and water service has been restored.

Lamb says the agency was notified of the break in the east Cahill Park area at around 1:20 this morning as they were on the scene of another leak. They arrived in the area around 2 a.m. and started work, shutting off the water by 5 a.m. The water service was restored "within an hour or two" according to Lamb. She says crews will likely remain on the scene through most of the day today.

UPDATE: The Cheyenne BOPU says some residents are experiencing discolored water as a result of what they are calling a "water main leak" in the Cahill Park area. The post on the agency's Facebook page says the water is safe, although "not up to Cheyenne's usual standard for water quality." The agency says water has been restored to the Cahill Park area.

People who notice their water is discolored should run cold water for 20-30 minutes, moving from the lowest level of their home or business up. They are also advising that people avoid doing laundry or using hot water while the water is discolored.

Lamb says it appears at this point that the recent freezing and thawing conditions may have caused the rupture of the main.

Lamb says the water discoloration that has been reported should flush out of the system in a couple of hours or so.

UPDATE: The Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities has posted the following on their Facebook page:

Details are still sketchy, but a resident of the Cahill Park area in Cheyenne says a water main break in that area has caused extensive flooding of basements and possibly other damage.

Ben Peterson, who lives in the area, said the ''Water is up to the basement ceiling" in some houses. Peterson said his family's basement started flooding around 2 a.m. adding that a fireman told him it was the worst water main break he had seen in 18 years as a firefighter.

We're Working To Get More Details.e

Townsquare Media is trying to get more information and will report further details as they become available.

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