They are still doing it with a smile, but how much more can they do to try to keep naive tourist safe?

The Yellowstone Website has a video of smiling park rangers being as polite as they can be when it comes to informing tourist how to be safe in the park. I'm sure the urge is there to just say, "Stop being stupid!" But, they're very careful to have a little fun in their presentation.

Considering how many people visit the park each summer, it's rather disconcerting that this video only has 12,488 views after a year of being on the front page of the website.

They also have an alerts page with a long list of warnings. It'd be interesting to find out how many people visit that page each year.

Then there is the safety page, repeating all the tips from the video and the alerts page.

How much more do these people need to do? Maybe if they put up billboards at the park entereces of someone getting mauled by a wild animal, or someone getting their face burned off in a hot spring. "This Could Be You!" it should read.

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