How would you like to see a nest of chicks grow up right before your eyes? You'll need a closeup camera on that action. The University Of Wyoming has a live camera over just such a nest, which streams the action 24/7.

The Universities Biodiversity Institute has a nesting pair of Ferruginous Hawks under observation. The name “ferruginous” is a bit unfamiliar, it just means 'rusty' in color.

The chicks are getting big and are a lot of fun. They don't have feathers yet, but that can't be too far off. There will come a time, real soon, when Mama will kick them out of the nest. That should be around the middle of July.

Until then, enjoy feeding time. They like large rodents, like prairie dogs, and occasionally jackrabbit. That also means that feeding time can get a little gory.

The video can be left on to run all day or night if you like, so you don't miss a thing.



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