You might think you own the road if you're in a vehicle. That's not necessarily true in bear country. A brand new video share shows what happened when a car driving down the road got too close to a mama grizzly's cubs.

Based on the description, this bear/truck showdown just happened near Browning, Montana. The driver shared the backstory about how this wild encounter happened:

I was taking my son and his friend to school when we saw this momma grizzly and her three cubs crossing the road. I was going to stop and take a picture of the bear, but as I slowed down she started to charge my truck. luckily my son was recording on his phone.

So you slowed down for a sweet bear pic? That was a big mistake. Watch this sow come after the vehicle.

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One comment on YouTube brought up a good point. What would have happened if that truck had broken down near that area? That would be one spare tire I wouldn't want to try to put on.

Never underestimate the power and determination of a bear sow that feels you or your vehicle is a threat to her cubs. I have to wonder if that back tire on the passenger side has breath marks from where that grizzly nearly nailed it.

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