The only information about who Wyoming Productions is what little they have posted on their YouTube page.

"Welcome to Wyoming Productions! Here I have my current series and separate animations like the Wyoming movie trilogy in Mega Bloks form and other series like Halo Mashups in the form of many animation types! Enjoy!"

We sent a message to them asking if they are actually from Wyoming.

Regardless, they are a lot of fun. Their video are all stop action Lego videos with most of them taking place in outer space as part of the HALO video game series.

In the Halo video game series Wyoming is a bounty hunter with a British accent. He serves as the secondary antagonist of The Blood Gulch Chronicles and the main antagonist of the Out of Mind mini series.

The video series is called 'Wyoming, The Movie.' There are several episodes to enjoy with more the come.

The video series is very strange. Most of it makes no sense at all. That is exactly why many of you might just enjoy it.

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